Art Marks Week 4 (Final week in review)

Another 30-day art challenge is complete! Such a good feeling!  *sigh of happiness*  The Art Marks was a great challenge as it pushed me to listen to my inner artist more. I’m not a master art marker yet, far from it, but I learned a lot. The main takeaway from this was that you do NOT have to create exactly like everyone else. There were so many amazing daily art markings posted and some days it felt overwhelming and the inner critic in me chimed in saying, ‘You are not ‘marking’ the right way. Look at everyone else’s marks, yours does not look like theirs.’  Maybe I wasn’t marking up my mini pages enough, but that’s Art’s MY art. Once I got that through my head, I began to enjoy the whole process more. When you are learning something new, you don’t have to be an instant pro. You practice and practice and then practice some more. I think I’m going to start another Marking journal and continue on with this because I would love to explore this style more. Perhaps I’ll even show you some of my pages as I go, but let’s not get the cart before the horse Erin!

On a side note, I also challenged myself to create a process video for every day of the last week of the challenge! You can view ALL those videos HERE on my YouTube channel!  Below are the daily prompts and photos of my finished pages.

‘Torn’ (there isn’t a video for this one just FYI, I started filming after this prompt)









Thank you so much for joining me on the Art Marks Summer Challenge journey! It was an adventure that I will remember fondly and I look forward to the next challenge that Rae Missigman creates for us!

Happy Creating!


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