Art Marks Week in Review

I did it! I’ve accomplished the first week of the Art Marks 30 Day Summer Challenge hosted by Rae Missigman. (Check out my blog post here for more details.) As promised, here are pictures from my first week!

Prompt: ‘Dense’






And Finally Day 7 ‘Interrupted’

I have to say I am having a blast with this challenge! I have found I am approaching each day as it comes and not preplanning my pages. (*GASP! I know right!!) I just sorta grab for what’s within reach and use it on the page. It really is a freeing challenge. I may not always love what I have created at the end of the 15 mins, but each day I’ve learned a lesson and to me, that’s gold. Have you been following along with the challenge? Add me on Instagram so I can see all your daily creations as well!

Until next week, Happy Art Marks Creating!


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