Brayered Paint Halloween Cards

Hello My Creative Peeps!

This week I was crazy busy. I have so much to get done before the Happily We Go store launches and October is my busiest month as I have four of my five children’s birthdays to celebrate! Buuuuut, I am hoping to still find a wee bit of crafting time each week, mainly for my own sanity! (LOL)

For this week’s Inspiby, we were inspired by the gorgeous layout from Wilna. I didn’t feel like I had as much time this week to devote to a journaling layout but knew I could use the same techniques that she showed us in her video to create some Halloween cards. Hey, If there is a way for me to kill two birds with one stone, I’m going to do it! *wink

Here’s how I created the card:


I hope you enjoyed this week’s video! Here are the supplies I used to create this card:


Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints: Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre

Ranger Paint Dabber: Cheese Puff

Liquitex Ink!: Vivid Lime Green

Pebbles Halloween Die Cuts Pack

Gelli Roll Moonlight Pen: Orange

Carabelle Stencil: Mur en Pierre’s

Neena Solar white Cardstock 110lb

Brown heavyweight cardstock

Art Glitter Glue

Sookwang double-sided tape adhesive

Hand typed sentiments

Thanks for much for checking out this week’s #Inspiby and I can’t wait to see what you all were inspired to create this week!

Happy Creating!




Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.

As you know, we’ve embarked on the #inspiby challenge. You saw Karen’s amazing layout creation yesterday (Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @deeillustra) and today I’ll show you mine! Now, the first thing you will notice is that it looks NOTHING like the challenge layout and that’s ok! If you find yourself inspired to create, whatever the outcome may be, then you’ve succeeded as that was the original goal!

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New Art Journaling Challenge- Are you in?

So my friend and I have recently gotten into art journaling (alongside our card making). We’ve been binge-watching YouTube and let me tell you, there are some absolutely AMAZING journalers out there! Continue reading “New Art Journaling Challenge- Are you in?”


Doodling and the power of the mind..

On this self growth journey I’m forcing myself to try new things (Creativity wise I mean). Some days, as a mother, seem more difficult than others and I find myself struggling to make it into the craft room, aka: the Office. So today I tried something new, I brought my supplies into the living room and doodled while watching an anime. It was a new one, slightly dark and creepy, but I loved the premise and the visual aspects of it so I doodled.  I listened to the show while I worked and just let go creatively.

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Unmount the mounted..

I love stamping. I always have.  Unfortunately I wasn’t ever very good at it. Sometimes you would push too hard, or not hard enough and end up with a barely visible design. It was maddening. Fast forward to years later and they’ve come out with clear stamps! PRAISE!  You were actually able to see where you were stamping.  Alas, I still wasn’t very good at it (queue the mini violins).  Again, the retail world came up with the Misti’s and the stamp perfects and all the other stamp press devices and Hot diggity, I am now the stamp queen! (ok, maybe not the queen- but I’m somewhere lurking in the castle!)

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Creativity takes Courage..


The word alone has me swelling with hives. Spontaneous creativity, art.  Something I lack. While I can take a look at a picture of something handcrafted, I can more times than not, recreate it myself (or at least a version that looks somewhat like the original.) But to sit and imagine something and create it… well now.. yep. nope. not me. I have a vivid imagination, I love to read and can imagine the most wildest scenes. I have the crazy dreams that could seriously make an amazing movie scripts- well, if only I could remember them upon waking- but taking those images and forming them into something that matches what I would like it to become- *shakes her head* yeah, hahah, no.

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Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my birthday- wOOt wOOt! Another year older.. and that means wiser too right? As I embark on the last year of my 30’s (Oh my goodness- Did I actually just type that? *sigh* ) I find myself reflecting on my life up to this point. There are so many things that I had wanted to accomplish, or are in the process but not yet completed. Being a mother, I find that I’ve often put my family and all their needs before myself. While that isn’t such a bad thing, it also means that my poor hair probably has split ends up to its roots! This year, thats going to change! Now mind you, my family will still always come first, but I think that perhaps I can find a way to squeeze in some much needed ‘Me’ time (and for once not feel guilty about it!).  So, while I set off to get a hair cut, I’m going to make a list of things that I would like to accomplish this year.  It may not be a super long one but I have a feeling that once its written down, I’ll be sure to get that list crossed off! (After all, isn’t that what us type A personalities live for? *wink)


Cheers to the day-  Erin