Stencil Girl & Resketch Color Journal Collab

Hey Guys!

I’m so excited today to show you what I’ve been secretly working on! When Tina Walker First approached me about participating in the  Stencil Girl & Resketch Collab of course I was instantly like YES! I’ve loved Stencil Girl stencils for quite some time and while I’d not heard of Resketch Journals yet, the prospect of getting to create in one excited me. The hardest part of the whole collab for me was choosing which journal size I wanted!

. In the end I chose the larger journal, the 7 X 9 inch spiral. The cool thing about the Resketch journals are the paper they use. From papers like : office paper (all sorts of colors), architectural plans and drawings, dot matrix printer paper, graph and lined paper, sheet music and maps just to name a few, all these papers would have just ended up in landfills had Resketch not snatched them up. I just love that! Reuse is what us mixed media artists are all about!

While I already had quite a few Stencil Girl Stencils, you know I had to go and get a few more just because, well hello, it was a new project! Stencil Girl is a family owned business with over 900 stencils created by a ton of amazingly talented artists! Check them out and make a wishlist, because  I warn you- you WILL want them all. *Wink

The second choice I had to make was what color I would use. Each of us participating in the collaboration had to choose a color that we would use throughout the entire journal. We could use white and black as well but still,  when you think about it, using one color, that’s kinda daunting! I decided on blue and once Tina said we could stay within the the color family I sighed relief.  Blue is such a calming color. With all the chaos in my life right now, I felt that choosing this color would help guide me into my studio where I could fall into the relaxation of blue while creating my journal pages.

I wanted to decorate my covers first. Pulling in a few of my favorite Stencil Girl Stencils and some shades of blue I painted some canvas. I wanted to keep the Resketch logo uncovered so years from now I would remember this journal company and the adventure I was about to embark on.

I used my sewing machine to stitch some lovely stitched around the canvas and then glued the canvas to the cover using double sided tape. The stencils I used on the cover are:
Floral Mandala Lace (L646), Whimsical Waves (S321), Looped Bare Wisteria Vine (L555), Math Man (L641), Crackle Stencil (L169), Scribble Scratch Handwriting (L266), Modern Buds (S330), Deconstructed Double Zinnia Mask (S296)

I’d like to share with you a couple of my favorite pages inside so you can get an idea of the kinds of pages I was creating.

I loved making this page! While slightly time consuming, I think the effect was well worth it! To begin, I glued two of the resketch pages together. I think sprayed different shades of blue ink spray, even some shimmers too! I used the Looped Bare Wisteria Vine Mask (L555) stencil. Ever so carefully cut away the inside pieces of the stencil impression with an exacto blade. I crumpled up a sheet of deli paper and sprayed it with white and shimmer ink sprays and then once dried, I ironed it to give it more of a flat look. I glued it to the backside of the page using glue stick.


Isn’t that cool? I didn’t spray the backside but some of the inks seeped through and gave it this beautiful organic look. To finish the page I used some thread and an acetate butterfly I had hanging around.

For the second page, I brought in one of my favorite things to create- a face! I just love portrait work and was excited to try and add an abstract style face to this reketch page. The fun thing about this page was that it was an old dot matrix printer paper so It had the green and white bars across the page.

I used the Crackle Stencil (L169) and Rembrandt’s Words Small (S262) for the background. I created the face with charcoal and soft pastels and to finish off the page I dripped different shades of blue paint and a hint of toned grey which blended gorgeously.

I was very excited that the lines of the paper could still be seen through the artwork.

For my third page I got crazy with the Clustered Leaves Stencil (L433). I sprayed three different shades of blue ink through the stencil. I used the ‘mop up’ paper for my project as it gave me the stencil effect vs the masked effect.

I cut out all the leaves and then layered them onto the page. I glued old book pages to the background and also tiny pieces of it in between the leaves.

I only glued the end of each leaf which gave it this cool raised effect.  While the fussy cutting was time consuming, I was happy with how the page turned out and would do it again in a heartbeat!

For my Fourth page I went dark! *Wink

This page was a fun one! I went back and forth between light and dark shades of blue and white gesso.  I used the Scribble Scratch (L266) Stencil multiple times in different directions. I love how one stencil can give you such a cool effect just by changed the position of it on the page. My Focal was the Deconstructed Double Zinnia Mask (S296) topped with some rub ons. Simple yet effective.

And last but not least my Fifth favorite page.

I love trying to think outside the box when it comes to using stencils. For this page, I stenciled the Deconstructed Lily Mask & Stencil (S300) onto a canvas remnant using a few blended shades of blue. I hand-stitched with black thread over the flower and knotted a few little dots in the center. For the background I layered blue pastels with clear gesso, then other various shades of blue and a hint of copper. The Spring Bloom Collage Mask (L604)  brought the floral background to life and I added the Modern Buds Mask (S330) in the bottom left corner. I glued my canvas flower onto some avocado dyed deli paper and finished the page off with my sentiment and some copper paint splats.

This page was one of the architecture plans and I really wanted that to show through as well.

This project was truly SO much fun. All the different pages that the Resketch journals have within them really got me thinking outside the box. While I will say for everyday use this journal rocks! For art journaling its pretty dang good as well, although gesso- whether it be clear, white or black- will definitely be a must to prep your pages as some of them are pretty thin, like the plain notebook paper pages. But I just glued two pages together every now and then to give myself that thicker page feel. Thank you so very much again Tina for dreaming up this amazing project!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my adventures into blue! We can’t let you leave without saying THANK YOU for stopping by and for sharing in our color journal story. And, as a special Thank You, we also have a GIVEAWAY!
We are giving away a random selection of resketch journals AND a $25 StencilGirl® gift certificate to ONE LUCKY PERSON!
Make sure to comment below to let us know you’ve visited and let us know what color your journal would be. Visit each artist(s) blog for more chances to win! (comments due no later than April 28th midnight EST).
We will pick ONE winner on April 29th, 2019 so watch this space to see if you are a winner!

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Until next time–Mad loves and happy creating!




Back at it…

Do you ever go through spurts in life, doing something you enjoy and then just walking away from it for a bit?

Well, life happened. Thats about the jist of it. I walked away- but not completely.  Summer with the kiddos was busy, then fall came. My parents arrived for the winter. They decided they would be snowbirds and get away from the Montana winters this year. It has been an amazingly enjoyable visit, albeit busy with the extra people in the house. Then my health started to go downhill. I kept having side pains and no one could figure out what was wrong. Test after test, and no answers. At least we were able to rule out the very scary stuff but I was still left in pain. For this mama, being unable to do the day to day tasks or even having to put my watercolor mulling on hold was maddening and upsetting.

I don’t often share personal stuff on social media. I hunker down and just get stuff figured out. But putting my business on hold, it sorta felt like I was a failure. I couldn’t face writing into words that I was unable to mull. My creativity dropped. I stepped away from art. Every now and then I posted, but I didn’t have the heart for it and then I lost my grandmother and the world around me fell to pieces.

I started off 2019 in what felt like limbo. Not sure where I would end up, but I knew that art was calling to me. I ignored it. Have you ever done that? Felt like in your heart you knew you wanted to do something but your mind was just like nope, not gonna happen. I let fear of everything get to me. Would I fail when I came back to art? Would people think I was a failure because I had stopped arting for so long?

upon my return, I was completely baffled by the outpour of love. People private messaging me to ask how I was doing. Happy mail arriving at my door. That glimmer of light started to burn off the darkness from within. I started creating YouTube Videos again. (So- if you’ve missed them here you can check all the videos out over there!) and I seemed to fall back into using art as my outlet. I just didn’t blog.  I still wasn’t at that point yet.

But now….I’M BACK!

I’m considering April as my January. I’m going to start planning in my planner again. Creating art daily, even if its only a quick sketch, and the biggest thing of all- learning to say no. I can’t help others if i’m only working at 50% myself, so self care was also at the top of my list of weekly to dos.

My team of doctors finally figured out what’s been wrong with my side and now waiting on a couple more tests to get the full all clear on my health. As of right now, my hope is to get back to mulling in April (as soon as I have the OK from the physical therapist). I am beyond excited to get back to mulling, to creating and to feeling more myself again!

Thank you all for your patience and love! Without you my journey would be dull and boring.  Words can’t seem to express my gratitude enough…

Mad Loves XOX-



Brayered Paint Halloween Cards

Hello My Creative Peeps!

This week I was crazy busy. I have so much to get done before the Happily We Go store launches and October is my busiest month as I have four of my five children’s birthdays to celebrate! Buuuuut, I am hoping to still find a wee bit of crafting time each week, mainly for my own sanity! (LOL)

For this week’s Inspiby, we were inspired by the gorgeous layout from Wilna. I didn’t feel like I had as much time this week to devote to a journaling layout but knew I could use the same techniques that she showed us in her video to create some Halloween cards. Hey, If there is a way for me to kill two birds with one stone, I’m going to do it! *wink

Here’s how I created the card:


I hope you enjoyed this week’s video! Here are the supplies I used to create this card:


Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints: Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre

Ranger Paint Dabber: Cheese Puff

Liquitex Ink!: Vivid Lime Green

Pebbles Halloween Die Cuts Pack

Gelli Roll Moonlight Pen: Orange

Carabelle Stencil: Mur en Pierre’s

Neena Solar white Cardstock 110lb

Brown heavyweight cardstock

Art Glitter Glue

Sookwang double-sided tape adhesive

Hand typed sentiments

Thanks for much for checking out this week’s #Inspiby and I can’t wait to see what you all were inspired to create this week!

Happy Creating!




Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.

As you know, we’ve embarked on the #inspiby challenge. You saw Karen’s amazing layout creation yesterday (Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @deeillustra) and today I’ll show you mine! Now, the first thing you will notice is that it looks NOTHING like the challenge layout and that’s ok! If you find yourself inspired to create, whatever the outcome may be, then you’ve succeeded as that was the original goal!

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New Art Journaling Challenge- Are you in?

So my friend and I have recently gotten into art journaling (alongside our card making). We’ve been binge-watching YouTube and let me tell you, there are some absolutely AMAZING journalers out there! Continue reading “New Art Journaling Challenge- Are you in?”


Doodling and the power of the mind..

On this self growth journey I’m forcing myself to try new things (Creativity wise I mean). Some days, as a mother, seem more difficult than others and I find myself struggling to make it into the craft room, aka: the Office. So today I tried something new, I brought my supplies into the living room and doodled while watching an anime. It was a new one, slightly dark and creepy, but I loved the premise and the visual aspects of it so I doodled.  I listened to the show while I worked and just let go creatively.

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