This week’s #inspiby prompt had me thinking from the moment I posted it. I had dreamed up all these visions of what I would like my pages to become. Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing about being an artist. When you envision one thing in your head and it clearly does not turn out how you expected. It can get frustrating, but it’s part of the learning process.  I had wanted to film this weeks journal page creation, but once the camera got rolling, the artist’s block hit. I threw down some colors and then just had to walk away. Normally, I can work a layout in one day, but I had a feeling that because I was creating out of my comfort zone that it would take me some time.

So here is my finished page:

Somehow, I forgot to take process pictures :S Blame it on the ‘Mom brain’,  but once I got going on the page, I just went for it. I ended up having a lot of fun once I took the “thinking” out of creating and just went with what felt right.

I love the quote on this one:

“Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success.” Because really, art does take a lot of courage. You are breaking a new page (or canvas), it’s blank and full of possibilities and you may or may not end up with something that you like but you had the courage to begin. That’s what matters most, you started. The T (in commitment) ended up right at the crack of the book which made it a little hard to read, but you live and learn right?!  I was also excited to incorporate some of my own handmade stamps into the layout (the black circles and triangles).

I hope you enjoyed creating art this week! I know I did and I’m looking forward to next week, it’s week 12- that’s 3 months of challenges! Hooray! Thanks for hanging with us and don’t forget to post your pictures using the #inspiby tag on Instagram!

Happy Creating!



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