Creativity takes Courage..


The word alone has me swelling with hives. Spontaneous creativity, art.  Something I lack. While I can take a look at a picture of something handcrafted, I can more times than not, recreate it myself (or at least a version that looks somewhat like the original.) But to sit and imagine something and create it… well now.. yep. nope. not me. I have a vivid imagination, I love to read and can imagine the most wildest scenes. I have the crazy dreams that could seriously make an amazing movie scripts- well, if only I could remember them upon waking- but taking those images and forming them into something that matches what I would like it to become- *shakes her head* yeah, hahah, no.

So, as discussed in my previous post, I added art to my before 40 list.  In classic Erin Fashion, I did my research. I looked into craftsy , some of their classes looked pretty cool, but there was no way I could drop the cash that some of the larger art courses were charging.  One of the artists (whose name I can now not remember) led me to Instagram to look her up. (you can say it.. I know.. Stalker. LoL) There, I found Tamara Laporte. She had these gorgeous paintings of her star girls. She used mixed media, and for me- that was like a giant leap out of my comfort zone. Tam taught courses via the internet at her website I was immediately interested in joining her course Life Book 2017.  It is a full year long course with weekly assignments (which hello- I need deadlines or I’ll just continue to put off creativity). There are multiple teachers, so you get to learn a multitude of different techniques. There is also a huge forum where you can connect with other students, and also view each others art pieces! The excitement had me! I was signing up! Take that list! I’m going to cross something off! (well sort of- it would be more a ‘work in progress’-BUT STILL!)

At the time I signed up for the course, Tam was also offering some beginning of the year specials. (which hello- Of course I took advantage of!) I signed up for her Fabulous Faces course as well. This is a 6 week course that teaches you how to draw faces in different art mediums and facial positions. The classes in this course were already readily available so I could go as fast or as slow as I wanted. That was a bonus as well!

My goal- as scary as it is- is to document this art process here. Its a super scary thing to showcase my lessons when

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