Doodle Days Musings Adventure & A Book Tutorial Too!

Hello Artsy Friends!

Well, as If I can’t seem to get enough of challenges, I have found yet another one that I am excited and thrilled to be a part of! The Doodle Days Musings Adventure is a 30-day doodle challenge hosted by Lisa DeYoung a.k.a. the Mountain Mermaid. The challenge starts July 30th and you can find out all the information regarding the challenge on Lisa’s  Mountain Mermaid Studios website. When you join up for the challenge, Lisa graciously sends you a FREE printable download of the Daily Musings Journal for the month of August


(Also be sure to Follow along with Lisa on Instagram HERE.)

Since I’ve been working in my tiny journal for the art marks challenge, I decided to continue my tiny journal obsession and create one specifically for the Doodle Musings Adventure. (Obviously, you could work straight from Lisa’s Fabulous printable as it was intended, but you know me.. any excuse to create!)

So here we go with my Doodle Days Journal!

First, print off the printables from Lisa. I just LOVE the little sketchy boxes and hand drawn days of the week!  She really is making this SUPER easy for us! I printed mine onto 110 lb white cardstock. I’ve found that this works pretty well with most of my art mediums, just as long as I don’t get it overly saturated with water.

Then I cut each square out from the page using my paper trimmer. They ended up measuring about 3X3.25in each.

(although the couple squares with the month labels at the top measured slightly larger at 3X3.5in)

Then I rounded all the edges. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to bind these yet, so you could skip this step if you wanted to, but in the end, I liked how it looked seeing as Lisa’s cute squares were rounded.

Then I cut a slightly lighter weight white cardstock into 4X4in squares. This would allow enough space for the binding and room for any extra doodling or comments I might want to make on the pages around the doodle square. I’m not exactly sure of the weight of this paper as I had purchased it long ago and no longer had the packaging for it, at a guess, I would say 80 lb.

Next, I broke out the Cinch. Man, I love this thing! It weighs a bazillion tons but makes my life so much easier!) I lined up where I wanted my holes to be on the page and simply punched!

Ok, so I goofed and totally forgot to get a picture of the 9×12 page of artwork I had created a while back that I was going to use for the cover. It was this gorgeous (you’ll see soon) fluid watercolor/acrylic piece with lovely colors and sparkles because well, sparkles are my life! ANYWHO, I cut those two pieces down to 4.25X4.25in. for my covers.  I used the piece of cardstock I had just punched to line up the holes evenly on the cover pieces.  I traced the holes on the inside of the cover so it wouldn’t show if I miss punched and then hand punched them with a regular old single hole punch.

After all the pages were punched I used my favorite glue, Art Glitter Glue, to glue down Lisa’s squares onto the plain cardstock. (I love this glue because it dries super fast and you don’t need a lot of it at all! Just one quick trip around the outside of the square and bam. done.)

Just look at this stack! So purdy! Well, you could stop there BUT this is a doodle book, right? So, of course, I had to doodle a bit!

I used the Dylusions Floral Flourish stamp set with Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink. I embellished the stamped images using a white gel pen and a black Pitt pen (as seen in the picture above).

Hey- I’m not a full ‘Doodler’ yet, but hopefully, after this challenge, I will be! I did, however, add the extra flourishes and the circle doodles and dots myself. *wink

Then I bound it all together with the cinch. I didn’t photograph this process as there are many tutorials out there on how to finish off the binding using the Cinch. As you can see, my binding is slightly wonky near the top, but hey, I have 5 children and three of them thought that it would be fun to stretch and pull the wiring, haha! It’s ok, it just adds to this little books quirky character!

I added some ribbon, because well,  I love ribbon!

Here are the inside pages. I love that I can flip them all the way around and just do one page at a time if I want to.

Here is a picture of both the front and back covers for you to see. I had so much fun creating this little book and I can’t wait for the doodle day musings adventure to begin on July 30th! Don’t forget to sign up HERE if you haven’t already and join me! I just know we are going to have A LOT of fun!

Happy Creating!


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  1. This is gorgeous, zn’t do it now as I am still in slow feco ery mode but will try to follow for inspiration

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