Flowish Journal Tutorial & Flip Through

Hey hey hello my artsy friends!

So, when Tiffany over at Southern Gals Designs approached me about doing a Flowish collab on YouTube I was like, “Heck yeah!” and then I was like, “Wait, what’s a Flowish?” So, here’s what I found out.

There is a magazine called The Flow Book. It’s a Dutch created magazine/book that is filled with all sorts of mindful and creative paper goodies from cards, pretty paper, envelopes, tags, lots of stuff that you can take out and use. While it is pretty cool, (you should check one our for yourself to see if it’s your style) it’s also a bit on the pricier side $23-30 depending on the issue, (although Amazon has one for $19.25). So people, who exactly started it, I’m not quite sure, decided to start creating their own ‘Flowish’ style book and filling it with things that could all be pulled out and used.

After watching a couple Flowish Journal flip-throughs on YouTube I was ready to tackle making one of my own. Tiffany and I decided that we would each make a Flowish Journal and then mail it to the other so that way we could create from the one we were sent! It’s going to be such a fun journey! I’m really excited!

Check out the video below to see how I created the journal for Tiffany! Stay tuned until the end for a flip through so you can see some of the things I used to stuff my journal.





Fun right! Both Tiffany and I would love to have you follow along with us on this journey! We will be filming our creations every month starting in November. I’ll let you know all the details once we’ve gotten them all mapped out. Perhaps you would like to create a Flowish Journal for yourself and maybe exchange one with a friend too!

Happy Creating!



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