‘Follow Your Dreams’

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge layout, however, I knew that I wanted to incorporate both bright colors and also a butterfly. I have this fabulous ginormous swallowtail butterfly stamp from Stampin’ Up that I wanted to put onto the layout. With those ideas in mind, I set off into the craft room to create.

I started with my small Dylusions journal and gessoed the pages. In hindsight, this was a bad idea as I found that the tissue paper didn’t bleed as well as I had hoped. The colors were dull and less vibrant than I had wanted. Following Nina’s tutorial, I reapplied the tissue paper a second time. I dabbed on some coordinating distress stains hoping that it would help brighten the colors. As I sat drying the tissue paper squares with my heat tool, it dawned on me that I actually liked the way it looked as it was with the tissue paper still on the pages. Using Matte Medium, I spread it out over the tissue papers and thought about what I was going to do next. I liked the idea of darkness giving way to the bright colors so I painted on some black gesso around the outside edges of the layout.

It seems that I’ve taken a liking to having this vibrant focal point and then darker colors around it as I did something similar last week.  (Hey, if you like something, work it right?!)

I stamped the Swallowtail onto white cardstock and embossed it with black embossing powder, fussy cut it and then decided how I wanted to incorporate it into the layout. After a couple sips of coffee, I decided on where to glue it down. Once dried it just felt like the page was too dark and the butterfly seemed lost.  I grabbed for the white Dylusions spray and dribbled it down from underneath the butterfly. While it brightened the bottom corner, it still felt like it was lost. Using one of my favorite Stamper Anonymous stencils (the clocks THS013), and white gesso I stenciled it underneath and around the side of the butterfly. Happy now with the look, I started to add details to the butterfly with a Signo white gel pen and a Faber Castell black Pitt pen.

I dribbled some Daler Rowney FW Pearlescent black liquid acrylic onto the black gesso. I liked how it added some shimmer to areas of the dark, but it still felt like the background was flat. Using the graphite texture paste, I stenciled it through the Stampers Anonymous wood grain stencil( THS023). The layout started to come alive! It’s always surprising to me how you can work a piece that you may not like much into something that you really start to dig just by pushing through the resistance that you feel when looking at it. Truthfully, when I would start to feel the dislike of a layout, I would just walk away frustrated and upset that it wasn’t turning out how I wanted and feeling like a failure. It wasn’t about failing as much as it was about the resistance. Fear that I would take something and make it even worse so I would just stop what I was doing, unable to go any further.  Then one day it dawned on me. This was MY journal, no one ever had to see it and if I truly didn’t like something, there was always paint. I could paint over it or just glue the two pages together. Once that mindset set in,  I let go of the fear and just kept gong and trying new things, because that’s what this challenge is all about right? Trying new mediums, new techniques and letting go to just have fun!

So.. back to the layout!  I finished off the journal layout with a typed up sentiment and a hint of neon yellow, because well, doesn’t everything need just a bit of neon? (haha) Then to help tie in the sentiment I glued some of the used tissue paper pieces around it. (These were the leftover pieces from the first attempt of the bleeding tissue paper effect.)

All in all, I am happy with how it turned out. There was definitely some lessons learned, but that’s what I’ve been loving about the challenge, the ability to learn through art play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s challenge. Don’t forget to upload your pictures to Instagram using the #inspiby tag.

As always, happy creating!


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