Inspired By Challenge Prompt Week 20

Hello my fellow creatives! Week 20 is here! I hope you had an enjoyable Columbus day (here in the US) or Thanksgiving Day (for the Canadians)! My kiddos were off and we had fun relaxing and getting our wiggles out bouncing around in a bounce house!

This week I wanted to try something different. We’ve gotten to try so many new things over these past 20 weeks, and well this week, I wanted something that could not only work for our art journals, but perhaps be created to hang in our houses, or maybe make smaller and send to friends this holiday season. When I came across Erika’s (Winterlia Designs) video, I knew it would be my choice for this week’s prompt.

Don’t you just love her accent! Erika explains the process so well, and I especially appreciate her advice on using a spray glue versus what she did in the video. Its always so helpful when artists tell us what didn’t necessarily work well for them and what we might be able to do to have an easier time creating! Think of all the stencils we have lying around the house that you could use this technique with? Well, maybe you aren’t all as obsessed with stencils like I am, but I have a feeling, that even if you didn’t have one, you could easily just cut a design from some heavy cardstock and use that as well!

We also get to use spray inks again! Hooray for easy peasy! This is going to be SO FUN! (and did I mention quick!)

As always, you have until Sunday midnight (whatever your timezone is) to post pictures of your creations to Instagram using the #inspiby tag. Don’t forget this is just for fun, so relax a little! (I know this is definitely a lesson I am trying to learn myself!) Be sure to tag Erika so she can see how her art inspired you this week, and as you know, you can always tag both Karen and me too! We just love seeing your artwork and following along with you on your art journey!

Be sure to give Erika some love on all the links below along with a ‘thumbs up’ on her video!

Winterlia Designs          Twitter             Instagram            Facebook          Pinterest

I can’t wait to see how this week’s prompt inspires you!

Happy Creating!


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