Inspired By Challenge Week 23 Prompt

Get out your scissors people cuz we are going to do some cutting! I found this fabulous collage tutorial when doing one of my late night YouTube binges. I was fascinated with how Sandra van der Geest took bits and pieces from animals and insects photos and created her own wonky creature! Then, when I was like wow, so cool, she took it to the next level with some fabulous hand-lettering, something of which I’ve been trying to work on myself. I was instantly sold and knew this would be the next prompt for the challenge.

Just check out her video below:


Ok, for real right now, wasn’t that awesome?! I’m really excited. There are so many things you could collage. People, Landscapes, the lists are endless as long as you keep your mind open to where the layers might take you. So gather up all your old magazines, store circulars, and junk mail and get to cutting! I can’t wait to see what you create!

As always, you have until Sunday midnight (whatever your time zone is) to post pictures of your finished layout to Instagram using the #inspiby tag. While I couldn’t track down Sandra via Instagram, you could still say you were Inspired by her journal page. You can also tag both Karen and me as we always love to see what you’ve created! Our Insipby family is a warm and welcoming one so never fear about posting your creations! Also., be sure to check out Sandra on her other social media links and give her some love!



I can’t wait to see how this week’s prompt inspires you to create!

Happy Creating!


2 thoughts on “Inspired By Challenge Week 23 Prompt

  1. Just found this while blog-hopping. That is one impressive creature! My daughter thinks she should create a children’s book around several creatures she builds. Good idea! Thanks for sharing! ?

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