Inspired By Week 21 Prompt

Hello, Hello My Inky Friends!

This week’s prompt we are going to try a little something new. We are going to art journal with a photograph! Yep! It’ll be like combining scrapbooking with art journaling, which honestly, is kinda a big thing right now!

I remember back in my scrapbooking days where you just used paper, glue, stickers and die cuts to create your layout along with your photos that is! Now its mixed media scrapbooking! Although it looks a bit intimidating with all those layers and layers- Remember- We’ve done ALL of this stuff before! Just grab a drink, settle into your seats and watch the video below and get ready to laugh! Adele, not only has a fabulous Australian accent but also does this voiceover with her hubs Aaron and by the end of the video, they will have you laughing out loud!

I’m all about the junk lately, so the fact that she was using her junk journal instantly drew me in, but don’t feel like you have to use a junk journal. You could easily do this in your regular art journal, or maybe even on a scrapbook page and put it in an album or heck- because I know Y’all are so awesome, you could frame it and hang it on your wall! Adele gives a lot of good tips and tricks in her video as well, so pay attention peeps. *wink

Don’t get overwhelmed with the minor details. If you have bits and bobs (die cuts/ephemera) to glue down then great, if not, roll with that you have! The only limits are the ones you set yourself, so keep an open mind.

As always, you have until Midnight Sunday, whatever timeframe you live in to post your pictures of your finished layouts to Instagram using the #inspiby tag. This is just for fun, so no pressures and if you end up being a bit late on the deadline that’s totally OK too. We all get busy in life, the important thing is that you carve a wee bit of time out of your week to sit and create!

Also be sure to give Adele some love by giving her video a ‘thumbs up’, subscribing and checking out all her other social media links below!

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I hope you all have a FABULOUS week and can’t wait to see how this week’s prompt inspires you!

Happy Creating!


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