Inspired by Week 8 prompt

Hello, my Artsy Friends! It’s yet another Monday and that means another #inspiby prompt! This week I am super excited to share with you the challenge layout! It’s a Galaxy page! Are you jumping for joy and clapping with excitement? I know I am!

Our featured layout this week is from artist Tiffany Solorio.  Tiffany has well over 200 videos on her YouTube channel.  Card making, art journal pages and mixed media projects, she shows you how to do it all.  I’ve been following Tiffany for a while now and I love the way she explains her creative processes in her tutorials. I liked them so much that when she released her ‘Reach for the Stars’ online workshop, I signed up instantly! (I’m not sure if you can still get into the workshop, but let me tell you.. it was fabulous!) I knew I wanted to do a galaxy themed journal page, so when I saw Tiffany post her galaxy layout on YouTube, it was my instant pick for this week’s challenge.

Wasn’t that fabulous! I really like how she isn’t afraid to try out design and colors on the page and then change her mind and go a different route. It reminds me that when it comes to art journaling, nothing has to be set in stone and more often than not, the layers of change kick your art up a notch!

Be sure to check out Tiffany on her new web page as well as her other social media accounts:  Instagram     Facebook     Pinterest

As always, you can recreate this layout or use it as inspiration when creating your own journal page this week.  You have until Sunday midnight to post your journal pages to Instagram with the #inspiby tag. There are no pressures here just fun! If you run behind, catch up when you can! Don’t forget to tag both Karen (@deeillustra) and me (@happilywego) in your post so we can see your challenge pages and also follow you on your art journey!

Happy Creating!


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