The Sweater Weather Set


A set of four handcrafted watercolor half pans in a travel tin.

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The Sweater Weather set is made up of four half pans:

Cardigan Red: a rustic red with orange undertones. Will warm the prettiest of fires or spread some Christmas cheer

Leather Boots: a million shades of untanned leather.  As light as caramel and as deep as golden toffee.

Turtleneck Green: the perfect winter green with deep muted tones like a forest of fir trees,

Blue Jeans: a solid timeless blue, clean and comfortable. Perfect for a watery wash or cool wintery skies.

HWG Watercolors are handcrafted in small batches using both natural and non-toxic pigments, a natural binder and just a tiny hint of clove oil as a preservative. Sets come in a tiny travel tin with magnets affixed to the bottom of each paint pan. Due to variations in monitors and browsers, color may vary slightly from the actual product.


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