Inspired By Week 21 Prompt

Hello, Hello My Inky Friends!

This week’s prompt we are going to try a little something new. We are going to art journal with a photograph! Yep! It’ll be like combining scrapbooking with art journaling, which honestly, is kinda a big thing right now! Continue reading “Inspired By Week 21 Prompt”


Butterflies and Wings

This week I did a super simple layout. (That was the point of the prompt right?) I decided to whip out the ol’ Dina Wakley journal and flip it open to a double-page watercolor paper spread. I grabbed my Dyulsions and Lindy’s sprays and a couple stencils and went to town. I first sprayed the main design offset on one of the pages. While that dried, I took a sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper and sprayed a bunch of different colors through the butterfly stencil. Once dry I cut the butterflies I wanted to use on my layout out. Once I liked their placement, I glued them down with Art Glitter glue.

Then I took a white gel pen and traced around each of the butterflies, This wasn’t super visible all around them as there is a lot of white space, but it did leave a nice effect on some of the darker colors. I felt like maybe it was kinda blah, I’m not used to white space remember haha, so I took my fountain pen and inked some black around the outside edge of the butterflies (not on the page itself but on the outside edge of the actual cutout.).

Then I hand-typed up my sentiment, cut it out and glued it onto some black cardstock. Cut that out and glued it onto the layout. I used my white gel pen again to draw around each block of words, this helped tie in the white pen around the butterflies and just added a bit of eye appeal to the sentiment. Done and done. It seriously took me all of 10-15 mins to do, well the drying and the cutting did take a while. I had a wicked bad headache when I was doing my prompt this week. Life has been so chaotic with all the other things happening lately with HWG, but when I get into the #inspiby zone, it always makes me feel better! (Even if it’s for only 10-15 mins haha!)

Here are some pictures of my finished layout:

Here’s what the sentiment said:

and here’s a close up of the shimmer and shine of the butterfly wings. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Lindy’s sprays?

I hope you had fun creating this week too! As I said previously, life has been chaos lately, but I look forward to each week’s prompt and getting to see how you all interpreted it! Until next week!

Happy Creating!




This week was filled with so many emotions. My miracle twins turned 10, we had family visiting and I was just plain overwhelmed with life in general. Do you ever have those days? My mother tells me its ‘that time of the year’. I tend to believe her because it’s nearing the end of the year, yes I am aware its only October, but think about it- Fall in in full swing, the holidays are coming quicker than we think and then, its over and a new year begins. There are so many feels for me this time of year. I look at what I’ve done and what I still have yet to do and then I get crazy! Haha, not in a bad way, but crazy in feeling like I haven’t done enough. What does that have to do with this week’s journal page? Well, I got behind in accomplishing it. I have a bit of a ‘type A’ personality and when I don’t get things done on time, it tends to stress me out. I’ve been told, recently by a couple people actually, that its OK to just take a few moments for myself and just breathe.

So that’s what I did. I enjoyed my family, I focused on just taking a bit of time for myself and tried not to let the feelings of stress, inadequacy, and worry of looking like a slacker effect me. (It’s probably still there looming in the areas of my subconscious, but for now, we’ll just pretend I succeeded haha!)

I didn’t worry about setting up the camera and having to film this week. I thought about taking progress shots of the page but then decided that this week, I just wanted to play, and watch some Netflix while I did it. (Have you watched the series, Dark Matter? So good!) Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s a close up of the triangle details.

I can’t say that I am super comfortable with using the Gelli plates yet. It does take some practice, and my colors turned out a bit darker than I had originally planned, but I just enjoyed the process this week and played. I loved using the mini triangle plate, I even used that to make the leaves as well! I hope you had fun creating this last week, I know that I not only learned some Gelli plate techniques but I also learned that its OK to step back from the expectations I set for myself and just breathe.

Happy Creating!



Inspired By Challenge Week 19 Prompt

Hello My Creative Peeps!

It’s week 19 (already) and this week it was Karen’s choice. Here’s what she had to say about her pick:

“All right, it’s time to get out your Gelli plates – or an acrylic block – or a piece of flat hard plastic – to make a fun journal page for this week’s #inspiby. Now, I don’t have a 3X5 like Lisa Echerd does in her amazing video, but I do have a 5×7, so I will be playing with that. If you want to make one you can find YouTube videos to use gelatin, however, be careful if you try to stamp with it, it is much easier to break than the commercial gel plates.
What’s super awesome about this video is that she shows you a warm rich page she already completed and then demonstrates a cooler colored page made in a similar fashion. Since we focus on trying new techniques and being inspired by others, it’s very fun to see two pages created in a similar way that has a very different feel to them in the end.”

Thanks Karen! Wasn’t that a great video! Now, I know what you are thinking… Gelli Plate.. yeesh. I admit I am both nervous and excited about it as well! I can’t wait to see how Lisa’s video inspires you this week. Don’t forget to give her video a ‘thumbs up’ and also subscribe to her channel 😉  Be sure to also check out Lisa on the links below and show her some love!


As always, You have until Sunday midnight (whatever your time zone is) to post pictures of your creations to Instagram using the #inspiby tag. You can either recreate Lisa’s layout (please be sure to give her credit if you do) or just use it as inspiration when creating your own! Karen and I would love you to tag us as well! We look forward to seeing what you all create each week!

Have Fun and Happy Creating!

XO-Erin & Karen too!