Inspired By Week 21 Prompt

Hello, Hello My Inky Friends!

This week’s prompt we are going to try a little something new. We are going to art journal with a photograph! Yep! It’ll be like combining scrapbooking with art journaling, which honestly, is kinda a big thing right now! Continue reading “Inspired By Week 21 Prompt”


Butterflies and Wings

This week I did a super simple layout. (That was the point of the prompt right?) I decided to whip out the ol’ Dina Wakley journal and flip it open to a double-page watercolor paper spread. I grabbed my Dyulsions and Lindy’s sprays and a couple stencils and went to town. I first sprayed the main design offset on one of the pages. While that dried, I took a sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper and sprayed a bunch of different colors through the butterfly stencil. Once dry I cut the butterflies I wanted to use on my layout out. Once I liked their placement, I glued them down with Art Glitter glue.

Then I took a white gel pen and traced around each of the butterflies, This wasn’t super visible all around them as there is a lot of white space, but it did leave a nice effect on some of the darker colors. I felt like maybe it was kinda blah, I’m not used to white space remember haha, so I took my fountain pen and inked some black around the outside edge of the butterflies (not on the page itself but on the outside edge of the actual cutout.).

Then I hand-typed up my sentiment, cut it out and glued it onto some black cardstock. Cut that out and glued it onto the layout. I used my white gel pen again to draw around each block of words, this helped tie in the white pen around the butterflies and just added a bit of eye appeal to the sentiment. Done and done. It seriously took me all of 10-15 mins to do, well the drying and the cutting did take a while. I had a wicked bad headache when I was doing my prompt this week. Life has been so chaotic with all the other things happening lately with HWG, but when I get into the #inspiby zone, it always makes me feel better! (Even if it’s for only 10-15 mins haha!)

Here are some pictures of my finished layout:

Here’s what the sentiment said:

and here’s a close up of the shimmer and shine of the butterfly wings. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Lindy’s sprays?

I hope you had fun creating this week too! As I said previously, life has been chaos lately, but I look forward to each week’s prompt and getting to see how you all interpreted it! Until next week!

Happy Creating!