This week’s #inspiby prompt had me thinking from the moment I posted it. I had dreamed up all these visions of what I would like my pages to become. Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing about being an artist. When you envision one thing in your head and it clearly does not turn out how you expected. It can get frustrating, but it’s part of the learning process. Continue reading “‘Courage’”


Art Marks Week 2 Review

The Art Marks challenge this week was well, a bit more challenging for me. The one thing that I love about this challenge is that there are NO rules. It isn’t so much about having this masterpiece once your timer is done, but about learning and growing yourself as an artist. Continue reading “Art Marks Week 2 Review”


Art Marks and My Tiny Pocket Journal

Have you heard of this Art marks Challenge? Well, I am here to tell you about it! As you know I’ve been working my way through the ICAD challenge on Instagram. Hard to believe that I am more than halfway through it! (I’ve decided to do a flip through video upon its completion so stay tuned!) I’ve been having so much fun with the challenge that I wanted to look for another one to participate in after the ICAD was finished. I recently stumbled upon the Art Marks challenge from Rae Missigman. While these two challenges will slightly overlap, I’m ok with it. It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy right?! Continue reading “Art Marks and My Tiny Pocket Journal”