Hello My Artsy Friends!

Well, this week’s #inspiby got finished up a tad late. Much to my dismay, Hurricane Harvey showed his face in my neck of the woods. While we were very lucky and only ended up with lots of rain and some wind, rain, for some reason, always flares up my allergies badly. So I spent the entire weekend with a sinus migraine, barely functioning. (Which for a mother, is never a good state to be in!) Continue reading “‘Directions’”


“Own Your Story”

Hello My Artsy Friends!

Can you believe this is week 12?! I’m just giddy with excitement! When I first chose this week’s featured layout (see the post about that HERE), I was under the assumption that it wouldn’t take too terribly long and it would have a gorgeous color payoff.  Well, I was right on both accounts! Continue reading ““Own Your Story””


‘Garden of Love’

I was excited to get going on this week’s #inspiby prompt. I have had this gorgeous stamp from Carabell Studios that Birgit Koopsen designed for a while now and dreamed up this plan of how I was going to deconstruct it for a layout. Continue reading “‘Garden of Love’”



I was so excited to start this week’s Inspiby challenge. Karen and I have been amassing art journals. Yes I know, how many journals does one gal truly need? Well, a lot! Haha! Especially when you are learning. (No, truly you don’t need that many!) Karen chose this week’s inspiring layout with the intentions of using the black Dylusions journal. I could have sworn I had that journal as well. Blame my Mom brain or sleep deprivation but alas, I do not have that journal after all. (It IS on my wish list but I just haven’t gotten that far down the list yet.)

So, what is one to do? Continue reading “‘Fly’”


‘Blocks’ Inspired by week 3

This week was more difficult than I thought it would be. After being sick and then a water pipe outside our house bursting, needless to say, art took a back seat.  Once I did find myself seated in front of my desk, I knew where I wanted to go with this week’s challenge. Continue reading “‘Blocks’ Inspired by week 3”


Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.

As you know, we’ve embarked on the #inspiby challenge. You saw Karen’s amazing layout creation yesterday (Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @deeillustra) and today I’ll show you mine! Now, the first thing you will notice is that it looks NOTHING like the challenge layout and that’s ok! If you find yourself inspired to create, whatever the outcome may be, then you’ve succeeded as that was the original goal!

Continue reading “Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.”