ICAD 2017 Flip Through and Review

Hello my artsy friends! As promised here is my ICAD flip through! First off let me say that this past 61 days (yes 61!) have been truly fantastic. Not only did I push myself to create art every single day, but I also made some amazing friends along the way! Continue reading “ICAD 2017 Flip Through and Review”


Art Marks Week 2 Review

The Art Marks challenge this week was well, a bit more challenging for me. The one thing that I love about this challenge is that there are NO rules. It isn’t so much about having this masterpiece once your timer is done, but about learning and growing yourself as an artist. Continue reading “Art Marks Week 2 Review”


Doodle Days Musings Adventure & A Book Tutorial Too!

Hello Artsy Friends!

Well, as If I can’t seem to get enough of challenges, I have found yet another one that I am excited and thrilled to be a part of! The Doodle Days Musings Adventure is a 30-day doodle challenge hosted by Lisa DeYoung a.k.a. the Mountain Mermaid. Continue reading “Doodle Days Musings Adventure & A Book Tutorial Too!”


Wishes & Fishes

I had fully intended to make this week a picture by picture tutorial. It was a layout that took oodles and oodles of time to dry. (Picture me sitting impatiently sipping coffee literally watching paint dry!) But as this layout progressed and my frustrations grew, yeah, I forgot to snap pictures. What I did do however was learn quite a few lessons. So grab yourself a drink and let’s chat! Continue reading “Wishes & Fishes”


“Always Dream”

This week’s #inspiby challenge started out as an idea in my head, but as soon as the paint got onto the paper, the theme quickly changed.  I love that about art,  its fluid, never set in stone and constantly changing. Sort of like the weather,  if you don’t like what you got, keep going and within a couple of minutes, it will change!  Continue reading ““Always Dream””


Doodling and the power of the mind..

On this self growth journey I’m forcing myself to try new things (Creativity wise I mean). Some days, as a mother, seem more difficult than others and I find myself struggling to make it into the craft room, aka: the Office. So today I tried something new, I brought my supplies into the living room and doodled while watching an anime. It was a new one, slightly dark and creepy, but I loved the premise and the visual aspects of it so I doodled.  I listened to the show while I worked and just let go creatively.

Continue reading “Doodling and the power of the mind..”