“Always Dream”

This week’s #inspiby challenge started out as an idea in my head, but as soon as the paint got onto the paper, the theme quickly changed.  I love that about art,  its fluid, never set in stone and constantly changing. Sort of like the weather,  if you don’t like what you got, keep going and within a couple of minutes, it will change!  Continue reading ““Always Dream””


Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.

As you know, we’ve embarked on the #inspiby challenge. You saw Karen’s amazing layout creation yesterday (Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram @deeillustra) and today I’ll show you mine! Now, the first thing you will notice is that it looks NOTHING like the challenge layout and that’s ok! If you find yourself inspired to create, whatever the outcome may be, then you’ve succeeded as that was the original goal!

Continue reading “Being Inspired, The Weekly Challenge.”