Unmount the mounted..

I love stamping. I always have.  Unfortunately I wasn’t ever very good at it. Sometimes you would push too hard, or not hard enough and end up with a barely visible design. It was maddening. Fast forward to years later and they’ve come out with clear stamps! PRAISE!  You were actually able to see where you were stamping.  Alas, I still wasn’t very good at it (queue the mini violins).  Again, the retail world came up with the Misti’s and the stamp perfects and all the other stamp press devices and Hot diggity, I am now the stamp queen! (ok, maybe not the queen- but I’m somewhere lurking in the castle!)

I started collecting all the most fabulous clear stamps and went to town crafting. Although, I had a drawer full of all these great wood mounted stamps whining silently, “what about us?!”

Hmm… what was I going to do with them? Well,  the solution came to me one day while of course, searching the web. While I don’t know exactly where I originally saw it, it is out there somewhere I promise!

I took a set of these fabulous mounted Stampin’ Up stamps and went to town.

(I had already taken out some of the stamps from the set before I remembered to snap a photo! I have to start getting my head into the “blog” mode, its a process- be patient with me! Hehe)

So, the stamp is mounted to the wood block with this foamy sticky grey matter.  (I have no idea what its called, but that will be my term for it! *wink) I read many different options for trying  to remove it.  One place said to heat it a bit with your heat gun. I attempted but burnt my finger (the pains of creativity)! What ended up working for me was every so gently pulling the sticky away from the block. It actually pulled away quite easily.  (That may not be the case with all stamps.)

That little dent you see in the foam, where my finger was pulling, it actually popped itself out by the time i got finished with the next step, which was figuring out what to do about the sticky grey foam.  It would stick to everything if I left it, and if i added paper to it then it wouldn’t stick to a stamp block. Then I flipped over the wood block and saw the answer. Eureka!

The stamp had a sticker of the imagine on the front. Ever so carefully, I peeled it off the block and then matched it up to the sticky grey foam (as seen in the picture below).


…and done! The true test was going to see if it would work in the stamp press and on a block. At first I was worried that it wasn’t going to stick. I wiped the clear sticker part with a baby wipe, just to give it a little help and it worked! The next time I tried it I didn’t even need wet it! Whoohoo! I took out the rest of the stamps from the series and repeated the steps above.

And now I have another set of stamps that I’ll be able to stamp perfectly! Now onto the creating!


Cheers and Happy Creating~ Erin

2 thoughts on “Unmount the mounted..

  1. Thanks for this post. I just bought a stamp platform and decided that If I didn’t remove the stamps from their wood blocks they would never be used. These stamps are much bigger than yours and tearing them off requires a weight lifter. Your post helped because you are the only person to mention the gunky mess when you do get stamp off (and hand remains on arm). I plan on doing 3 a day , by year end I may have lost interest in the remaining stamps. Further my stamps are one step from antique so the plastic sticker was not around. I rummaged through my garbage and found the paint covered acrylic sheet thrown out the day before. Will try this
    Now to read your other posts.

    1. Yay! I’m so glad to hear it was helpful! Sending lotsa energy your way, sounds like you have a big task on your hands! But lotsa stamps to fall back in love with! ‘Antique” are the best!

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